About Moetleh

I am a self taught artist. I reside in New York City. I am a single mom of three children. I also have one grandchild. As a child, I was interested in art and always created pictures that won many art awards. As an adult, I painted off and on until 9/11. Before 9/11, I painted as part of my healing when my first grandson Chris died. On Sept 11, I was supposed to be in 1 World Trade at 8:15 AM. But I listened to a voice that told me not to go. On this day my art work, which was mostly abstract, took a huge turn. To help myself that day I needed to paint. The Spirit of the Women showed up in my painting that night and has not left. She shows up with an Asian, Hispanic, and African appearance in many beautiful colors and in different positions.
In the months afterward, I started to create my interpretation of an angel and a guardian angel which would show up sometimes in my artwork, but after the birth of my granddaughter Saniaya… my angels were showing up every day. My granddaughter was born 4 months early and I was with her everyday. I created over 300 different angels which were mostly placed on incubators and isolates in Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and given to families, doctors, nurses, and staff during our 7 month stay. My Saniaya passed on Sept 17, 2007 and the angels are now showing up in my work in abundance.
This gift from God (painting) has given me peace during these times and produce beautiful pieces of work. My company is named MOETLEH CARDS AND MESSAGES which moetleh means beautiful in a South African language. A women I met named Purnely from South Africa named my business after studying me during a weekend visit to my daughter’s prep school in Bath, Maine. I have lost touch with Purnely, she was sick and I am not sure… But I will keep the name that she took the time to give my business.

I had been part of an art collaboration in 1992 which was exhibited in Dumbo.
I have started to exhibit my work in New York City.

If there are cards that you would like to have as a painting, please let me know the size.

As I grow my business, I will create a line of ceramic tea and coffee mugs with ceramic lids with inspirational words written under the lids. So look for them in the future.

As I grow, I will also create a line of green bags with my paintings on them.

If you have any feedback or questions for me just e-mail me at: moetleh@gmail.com